I´m a rock singer too! Rock on!
I write my own songs and sing. I work with the extremely talented guitarist Sami Greywolf and the bass player and music producer Neflim. I have my own studio at home where I record my music and so far I have thirteen songs in the making. As soon as the songs are finished I will release my first album and the music videos to each song. I would describe my music as very dark, dreamy, slow and personal.

I´m influenced by Leonard Cohen, Nirvana, Sisters of Mercy and more.
I made a few covers, Sisters of Mercy´s: ”Colours”, Nirvana´s: ”Rape me” and Leonard Cohen´s: ”Story of Isaac.” Story of Isaac is rewritten and all of the covers will have a very personal meaning as you will see when they´re finished.

All of my own songs are written by me and only me
I write my own lyrics all by my myself and I´m the only vocalist. My own songs sound more dreamy and soft. I mix soft melodies and beautiful dreamy music with dark lyrics about painful themes I´ve been through.

”The Phoenix” is the name of my first album and I´ll let you know when I will release it!

Book me to rock You!
If you want to book me for a gig feel free to contact me anytime!