An authorized Drama Teacher/Dramapedagog
In the pictures above you can see my certificates and diplomas as a Drama teacher/ Dramapedagog and as my memebership in RAD.
RAD is the only swedish organization that authorizes Drama teachers/ Dramapedagoger.

I got my diplomas as a certified Drama Teacher/Dramapedagog 2018-06-08. I got my education, Certificates and Diplomas at the school: ”Blekinge Folkhögskola”, where I studied ”Dramapedagogutbildningen” (eftergymnasial utbildning). Translated: ”Drama Teacher Education” (post – secondary education.) It is a 2 year programme that gives you a professional working title as a Drama Teacher/Dramapedagog.

RAD ( riksorganisationen för auktoriserade dramapedagoger) is the Swedish organization that approves this eduaction as a qualified education to become a Drama teacher/Dramapedagog. This organization represents us approved students after graduation as qualified to register as certified Drama Teachers/Dramapedagoger. I am an authorized Drama teacher/ Dramapedagog by the only swedish organization that authorizes Drama teachers/Dramapedagoger, RAD, since 2018-09-09.

Drama teacher/Dramapedagog
I feel very blessed to say that I have had very mixed groups to work with after my graduation and I love working with all kinds of people, ages and requests. I have had private classes with students that wants help with monologues that they need to work with, in order to apply to acting schools. I worked with a refugee group where nobody spoke any swedish or english and we had a lot of work done, because drama is easy to teach with body language and facial expressions. I have worked with children that wanted to create a theater play in only two lessons – And I made it happen! Not only that, it was a suceess and it was fun for all of us!!! 

I have had theater workshop for different groups and ages. I have been lucky to see students that was afraid to speak in the beginning of the hour be very brave on the stage in just one hour! I have even worked in a place where the teenagers were suppose to rotate between activities and walked in and out of the room. After that and creating a play after only 2 short lessons with children I can honestly say I can handle it and I remain positive while handling everything!

I am a very warm, outging, inviting person with a lot of humor. I am a problemsolver and I can see the positive sides in many situations. I am openminded to people and I work with the requests the group or the working place has. I remain calm and positive during stress and I have a lot of experience with being creative during all kinds of circumstances. The most importing thing for me is the group. I always work towards making the students happy, creative, to make them believe in themselves and see themselves in a more positive light! I believe in being positive and building people up! Meet me and you will see for yourself!

I´m an actor and a drama teacher
Because I work as an actress as well as a Drama teacher/Dramapedagog I have twice the knowledge about acting – And how to teach acting. I work as an actress in theaters and in movies. I have worked on several big stages, amongst others Gothenburg City Theatre. So I can teach you from my own acting experiences too. Because of my own background I can teach You both theater and movie acting techniques. I also have the necessary teaching skills which I got during my education as a Drama Teacher/Dramapedagog. I can give You the tools, techniques and methods You need – And I can give You tips and advice about how the acting business works. My biggest wish is to help You grow as an actor because that is my greatest passion – And probably Yours!

Acting lessons designed after Your needs
I believe in listening to Your needs. I can have private lessons or work for a school with many students and I always think of what that person or group wants. I work for You!

Do You need help with monologues to apply to schools? I am an actor and I have worked with students that has gotten into schools, so I can help You!
Maybe You want to try acting lessons for beginners? Or maybe You want to continue to develop your acting skill? Or perhaps you simply want to take acting lessons because it is fun? Maybe your school or working place want to start drama/theater lessons? Whatever your request is with drama/theater, contact me and I’ll design the lessons after your needs!

The cost is 500 SEK/hour for private acting lessons.

I have theater workshops for groups where I teach the basic methods for acting. The workshop includes how to use the voice, body and room. I give the group different tools and scenarios to put together as scenes. At the end of the workshop we show each other the scenes. The cost is 3000 SEK for 2 hours.

I have also worked for schools and other organizations that has other price ranges. You can contact me for more information and costs and we will work something out together!

Contact me and I will design the lessons especially for You and Your wishes!!!