Hello and welcome to my site!

My name is Rozita and I’m an actress, singer and a drama teacher.
I’ve freelanced as a professional actress since 2012 and my acting career has blossomed lately. I´ve starred in both theater plays and movies. I´m currently shooting a feauture film that will be in Swedish cinemas 2019.

Acting is my greatest passion
I don’t believe in pretending, I want to create a character that feels real. For example, if the scene requires me to cry I’ll cry. I believe in authenticity and I want the audience to feel that the story is true. I’m from Sweden and live in Gothenburg City, but I can work anywhere in the world.

Music is the best way to express yourself freely!
I recently discovered my passion for making rock music.  Rock music is my way to express myself because rock is for the misfits of the world. Like me! Rock music goes against society’s norms, rock is our personal outlet and that’s what my music is all about.

I´m a certified Drama Teacher/Dramapedagog
I´ve studied to become a certified Drama Teacher/Dramapedagog. I am a creative person with a passion for exciting projects that comes to life when a story is told, whether it´s through theater, film, music or teaching. I teach acting classes with my teaching skills and have a lot to teach from my own experience as an actress.

Bring it on!
Feel free to contact me for questions, references and booking me. To book me as an actress, for a music gig or as a drama teacher, look for my contact information. No matter how difficult the work appears to be I´ll survive, the harder the better. Bring it on!